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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

From my childhood I wanted to be a hero, I have grown up with musicians and actors. They were probably my first inspiration to learn music. The society which I belong to discouraged me to be a musician or actor so as a teenager I ran away to London, with £50.00 in my pocket and worked very hard. With dedication and hard work I now have my own business and my own studio.

Based on my vast experience of producing music and directing music videos it has taught me many things, such as practicality and creativity is very important. By always doing reality checks it taught me how to manage a production team, by understanding the requirements of the client, and in the light of that how you show your own creativity. But more importantly visualise first, then plan and execute. Whether I am working as a music producer, director or as an actor, these elements which I have learnt help me in my work. I learn from my experience that yes I may make mistakes but every mistake will teach me something which no university or academy will teach me.

By working with different artists and producing many productions I came to the conclusion that teamwork is much better than struggling solo, so at that moment I decided to work in a collaboration by making my team bigger, so as a team we have more chances to produce something special, so anyone who is skilled in my related field can contact me and help me to change the worlds trend in the field of music and film media,

I learned in my life with my experiences that I have a great passion for creative work whether it is music acting or directing, I can talk about this all night. I am not a money oriented person, I would rather be part of a creative project any day.

All my previous work has taught me something new and I believe this is the way to go. Now I feel that I should attempt my dream goal and make a great musical film, so that people remember my creativity and art.

My saying is: “The bigger the team the bigger the projects I can handle.”

About Me


I am a music producer, Film director, Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Singer, and motivational speaker. I have my own studio.

As a music producer, I have produced music for many of my clients and produced various genres of music. I have directed music videos for many of my clients. I am known for storytelling like a film within a music video in a short period of time, which is my uniqueness.

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