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Hi! I’m Ricky

I am a music producer, Film director, Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Singer, and motivational speaker. I have my own studio.

I believe in my own ideology that teamwork is always better than solo struggle. I also believe in experimenting with new things in the field of art and being a trend maker and not a follower.

As a music producer, I have produced music for many of my clients and produced various genres of music. I have directed music videos for many of my clients. I am known for storytelling like a film within a music video in a short period of time, which is my uniqueness.

As a singer, I have done many solo live shows, and have worked with many legendary artists. My years of experience help me to guide my clients and my students of different age groups.

I have been in the music industry for over 20 years. I have worked with many well-known and legendry artists like the late Akhlaq Ahmed and Robin Ghosh. A few years back he introduced Music n Chilli Productions and now is in full-time music direction, music arranging, and vocal coaching for all age groups.

Being a Music producer and a Film director, I want to be recognised all over the world, like my idol legend Charlie Chaplin who was a master of many fields of art.

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