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Updated: Sep 18, 2021

By taking admission in SAE I may find like minded, passionate and creative people that may want to be a part of my dream project. I have joined the SAE institute to learn Digital Film Production. I am a perfectionist which means I spend a lot of time on one project until I am satisfied.

I do however have a difficulty understanding the education system when it comes to creativity or creative education.

I want to make my production house to be updated with today’s technology and with a good technical team.

I also want to brand myself as a music producer and film director and actor. In today's world marketing and branding is very important, so I am working to hire the right people who can market and brand me. The things I can do to brand myself is connecting myself on social media such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, which requires promotion.


About Me


I am a music producer, Film director, Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Singer, and motivational speaker. I have my own studio.

As a music producer, I have produced music for many of my clients and produced various genres of music. I have directed music videos for many of my clients. I am known for storytelling like a film within a music video in a short period of time, which is my uniqueness.

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