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Updated: Sep 18, 2021

I am passionate, a born leader. I am very hardworking, confident, and a great team player.

I have no hesitation to ask questions as I know that I can learn many things from other people’s experiences.

My vast knowledge of singing techniques, previously I worked with the legendary singer Aklhaq Ahmed who showed me techniques on how to use a microphone while singing and how to sing with expressions according to the lyrics.

I have great talent to motivate people, many parents bring their children to learn from me due to that strength.

Being a listener of different genres of music in different languages and cultures has opened my music mind and allows me to experiment between two different genres and cultures of music such as Bollywood music, Latino or Arabian scales fit into hip hop music.

Being an actor I have a specialty. I never repeat my costumes and roles. I am multi-talented. I can act direct, sing, play instruments, and be able to manage a team.

People appreciate my work and leave good reviews and comments which is important in this commercial world.


About Me


I am a music producer, Film director, Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Singer, and motivational speaker. I have my own studio.

As a music producer, I have produced music for many of my clients and produced various genres of music. I have directed music videos for many of my clients. I am known for storytelling like a film within a music video in a short period of time, which is my uniqueness.

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